Sports Psychiatry Pittsburgh, LLC

The practice is now CLOSED.

Please submit requests for records from the last 7 years by email or phone.


  • Quality mental health services for athletes
  • Good communication with athletic training staff and team medical personnel
  • Fast access to appointments
  • Centrally located near Mercy Hospital in Pittsburgh’s Uptown


Who is Eligible for Treatment?


  • Collegiate athletes in collaboration with their school athletic department’s athletic trainers and medical staff
  • Professional athletes & other elite athletes in collaboration with their team’s athletic trainers and medical staff
  • Retired professional/collegiate/other elite athletes (self-referrals welcome)
  • College students and young adults seeking seeking general psychiatric care.


What is Sports Psychiatry?

Sports psychiatry is concerned with mental health issues specific to athletes. These include: injury-related anxiety and depression; post-concussion symptoms; disordered eating; substance misuse; sleep issues; attention deficit hyperactivity disorder evaluation and treatment related to athletic eligibility; and difficulty transitioning out of sports.

While the more widely known role of a sports psychologist often focuses on helping athletes overcome barriers to optimize athletic performance, a sports psychiatrist—a medical doctor with specialty training in evaluating and treating mental health issues—is concerned with addressing mental health issues that athletes encounter both in their unique role in sports, and also those that arise from other challenging life circumstances.